What is Cashback?

Cash back refers to two types of financial transactions. First, it’s a credit card / Debit card benefit that pays the cardholder a small percentage in cash rewards for each purchase, or purchases above a certain Rupees threshold. It also describes a debit card transaction in which the buyer receives cash at the time of purchase.

Buy2carts introduce a cashback revolutionary idea for you, Customer can get the cashback on each of the product you ordered from Buy2carts Flat Percentage of amount should be credited in your account.

How can get Cashback?

Well the amount of cashback you can availed from following condition should be follow,

  • The customer only eligible to get the cashback upon the payment option are as,
  1. If a customer buy a product from buy2carts and Payment made through PayPal’s Debit card or Credit card.
  2. If a customer is eligible for Cash on Delivery (COD) of a particular product they should get a cashback on order made.

Cashback Credited in your account upon the order placed in buy2carts.

When Cashback Canceled?

  1. When a customer can cancel the order which the order has placed on buy2carts.
  2. When the customer return the product to buy2carts.
  3. If a customer can’t spend a cashback amount to 2 months it will be debited from your account.

Other Information

Customer can availed cashback on each of the product you order from buy2carts, Flat percentage of amount or Fixed Amount Credited in buy2carts wallet,

The amount of Cashback can not to be transferable into another account or withdraw into bank account.

The amount of cashback is only you can use for order or purchase of product from buy2carts.

Maximum amount of cashback is depend on product you order, you can availed on purchased made on buy2carts.

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